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Fantasia for Real

NameFantasia for Real
StarringFantasia Barrino
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes19
Executive producerFenton Bailey
Randy Barbato
Tom Campbell
Jeremy Simmons
Camera setupCamera men
Running time30 minutes
DistributorPassion Distribution
Original channelVH1
Picture format16:9 1080i
Audio formatDolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
First airedJanuary 11, 2010
Last airedpresent

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'Fantasia for Real' is a reality show on VH1 which premiered on Monday, January 11, 2010 at 10:00 pm (ET). The reality television show is about former American Idol season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino and her struggle to regain control of both her career and personal life.

Fantasia for Real Video
3.93 min. | 0 user rating

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Charlotte's Fantasia gets real attention - Charlotte Observer Tweet this news
Charlotte Observer--19, her top-rated VH1 reality show, "-Fantasia for Real-," returned for Season 2. In a trailer for the series, which is now three episodes into its run, ... - Date : Fri, 08 Oct 2010 05:02:45 GMT+00:00
Fantasia Going on Tour with a 'Real Housewife'! - Entertainment Tonight News Tweet this news
Entertainment Tonight News---...- -Fantasia- Barrino has good news to celebrate: her first headlining tour -- and one of "The -Real- Housewives of Atlanta" is coming along for the ride. ... - Date : Tue, 28 Sep 2010 21:03:44 GMT+00:00
New York Times runs softball profile of Pamela Geller - Salon Tweet this news
Salon--It's more like the ideology of reassurance and comfort and gorgeous images -- what I refer to as the "-fantasia- of American whiteness and power," which is, ... - Date : Mon, 11 Oct 2010 13:15:51 GMT+00:00
Young Sydney Swan Patrick Veszpremi joins Western Bulldogs in exchange for ... - Herald Sun Tweet this news
Herald Sun---...- club," Bulldogs football manager James -Fantasia- said. "We believe that he has a lot of potential and could become a -real- asset to the Western Bulldogs. ... - Date : Wed, 06 Oct 2010 12:25:27 GMT+00:00

Episode # Episode Title Original Air Date Overview
101 No More Freebies January 11, 2010 As the season begins, Fantasia is in the studio recording her hot new track, "Move On Me." And with six people living off her dwindling income, she needs a Back at her sprawling North Carolina mansion is the entire Barrino clan. And when Fantasia and her manager, Brian go on the road to test her new song, Fantasia hopes that her no-nonsense Aunt Bunny will keep the homefront in order. But when her under-employed, over-confident brother, Teeny gets a brilliant idea to convert the pool house into a recording studio, all heck breaks lose.
102 Tough Love January 18, 2010 A reluctant Fantasia gives her brother, Teeny an $8,000 budget to construct a recording studio in her backyard before jet setting to New York for a record company meeting. Later, Fantasia has a private rehearsal with her "The Color Purple" director. Fantasia sings her show-stopping number, "I'm Here," and for a moment, all is right in her world. But when Fantasia's accountants tell her that Teeny has spent a whopping $40,000 on the studio, she loses it Fantasia kicks Teeny out of the house, igniting a family feud.
103 The Breakdown January 25, 2010 After a triumphant return to The Color Purple, Fantasia finds herself back at home negotiating her family drama. And what better way to decompress than to do a little birthday shopping Fantasia and her brother, Ricco fly off to New York to perform at the world-famous Apollo theater. The audience is filled with her idols, including Prince and Quincy Jones, and Fantasia brings down the house Back home in Charlotte, however, Fantasia extends an olive branch to Teeny, only to be met by hysterics.
104 Come Together February 1, 2010 Fantasia's squabble with her brother, Teeny has come to a head and her mother, Diane calls in the big gun...Grandma. But a belligerent Teeny is a no-show to Grandma's rousing, family unity sermon. Fantasia meets with a life coach for support, while Teeny sends a wayward friend to Fantasia's house to apologize for him. Fantasia's not having it Fantasia performs The Color Purple in her hometown, and when Teeny sees her moving performance, he makes an attempt to get back into Fantasia's heart...and of course, back into her house.
105 The Barrinos Are Back... Or Are They? February 15, 2010 An impatient Fantasia returns to New York to speak with the President of J Records about her album. The meeting's a success...time to make some music But when Fantasia learns that her daughter, Zion is struggling in school, she's motivated to break the Barrino "generational curse" of abandoning their education. Fantasia's ready to get her GED. Meanwhile, Ricco is testing his solo waters and invites Fantasia to sing on his new song. But when Fantasia insists that Teeny be included, Ricco and Teeny have a showdown in the studio. Against everyone's better judgment, Fantasia steps out on faith and tries to save a floundering Teeny by inviting him to sing background in her band.
106 The Re-Education of Fantasia February 22, 2010 Nine long years after dropping out of high school, Fantasia hires a teacher and takes a diagnostic test to discover her grade level. Problem is...the test is boring. And after about three hours, Fantasia peters out, disappointing herself and her teacher. In Atlanta, Fantasia's singing a Soul Train Awards tribute to her idol, Chaka Khan. But when her manager, Brian gets the bright idea to hire star-maker Frank Gatson to choreograph Fantasia's performance, she digs in her Louis Vuitton heels and vows to just be 'Tasia.
107 The Re-Invention of Fantasia March 1, 2010 Looking to keep his promise to Fantasia, Teeny sets out to find a place of his own place. After he finds a decent crib, he decides to throw a party for "the bosses" in an attempt to raise the needed cash. Meanwhile, working toward her GED, Fantasia takes her final assessment test. Things are going great on the road for Fantasia until her mom calls to let her know her dad isn't happy with her; they've had a strained relationship ever since she won American Idol. Fantasia funnels all her emotions into a new song. Back home, she takes a deep breath and makes the call to dad... and the fireworks explode. Best friend Santezja takes Fantasia to dinner so she can get out of the house. They talk about family issues and Santezja decides it might do Fantasia some good to see where she grew up. Inspired by Santezja's talk with the children at a shelter, Fantasia is determined to fix her broken relationship with dad
108 Fantasia 2.0 March 8, 2010 Fantasia is off to NY to complete her new album. Back in Charlotte, Fantasia's BFF Santezja invites her to speak at the homeless shelter where Santezja grew up. Fantasia feels more grateful than ever to have her own family, and is inspired her to visit her Dad. The meeting is tense, but at least it's a start in the right direction. Fantasia returns to Charlotte to a surprise party Her entire family thanks her for all of her hard work and support--they're finally ready to stand on their own two feet. Fantasia's got a new album and a new attitude...she's on her way
Season 2
Episode # Episode Title Original Air Date Overview
201 London Calling September 19, 2010 As the season begins, Fantasia has finally moved everyone out of her house and is getting ready to release her third album. She's living the dream -- until reality comes crashing in. Aunt Bunny comes to town to confront Fantasia about some nasty tabloid rumors regarding her love life, and low ticket sales threaten to cancel her first international performance in London. Meanwhile, "boss" Teeny may finally be in his own crib but a supportive Aunt Bunny is dubious as to how he'll make enough money to stay there.
202 Baby Steps September 26, 2010 With her London concert a success, Fantasia hopes her first new single will be fan-favorite "Even Angels". But the record company has other plans. Will they at least listen to her idea for a music video? Fantasia sees a therapist to help sort out her complicated love life and take "baby steps" toward finding a new beau. But an aborted attempt at speed dating puts Aunt Bunny and Fantasia at each others throats
203 Eye Candy October 3, 2010 Fantasia shoots a sexy, steamy music video for her new single, "Bittersweet" and makes goo-goo eyes with her co-star, a hard-body hottie from the Washington Redskins. Will Fantasia take those "baby steps" or will she leap into his muscled biceps? Teeny has recorded his first single and throws a "Butt Naked Car Wash" to promote it. Will his new team of dedicated delinquents help him make his rent money or will he be all washed up?
204 Happy Birthday to Me October 10, 2010 Upon her return home to Charlotte, Fantasia is devastated by the news that her beloved dog Diva has gone missing. Fantasia performs her new single on American Idol, and Manager Brian, concerned over Fantasia's relationship with a separated man, invites her video co-star, Devin, to attend Fantasia's 26th birthday bash as a surprise guest. But Fantasia's heart is elsewhere. Could Brian's surprise ruin her birthday?
205 The Rumors Are True October 17, 2010 Fantasia renews her desire to get that GED and studies hard for the upcoming test. Still hurting for money, Teeny embarks on his next folly by throwing a "Bossquerade" in the hopes of making his monthly expenses. Will he ride the wave or will he go down with the ship? When Mom and Aunt Bunny confront Fantasia about why she won't date her video co-star Devin, Fantasia tells them her heart is with someone else. But a letter from a lawyer throws her world into a tailspin.
206 Get Suited Up for War October 24, 2010 Fantasia hits the road to promote her new album but her world is turned upside down when the news breaks that she could be sued by the wife of Antwaun - the separated man she is dating. Even as her family rallies around her, Fantasia has an emotional breakdown when the pressures of her life reach the boiling point.
207 Breakdown October 31, 2010 Fantasia is overwhelmed with the pressures and disappointments of her life; and attempts suicide. With the help of her friends and family, Fantasia finds the strength to carry on, exorcise her demons, and get some closure.
208 Back to Me November 7, 2010 Fantasia refutes media claims that her suicide attempt was a publicity stunt. She promotes her new album - Back to Me - with performances on television and an emotionally charged launch party in Las Vegas where many celebrities join her in a celebration of music and life.
209 What Happens in Vegas... November 14, 2010 While in Vegas, Teeny comes up with a unique way to promote his new single while Fantasia performs onstage with Snoop Dogg Back home, Teeny shoots his own music video and Fantasia prepares to meet Antwan for the last time.
210 Going Hollywood November 21, 2010 Fantasia meets Antwan for the last time and gets the closure she needs. Fantasia meets with a Hollywood producer about a script she wrote and considers moving to Los Angeles. Debbie Allen stops by the singer's hotel room to give her words of inspiration and try to presuade her to leave North Carolina and move to Los Angeles. Teeny throws a launch party for his new video.
211 Lean on Me November 28, 2010 Fantasia decides to get into shape in anticipation of her move to Los Angeles. She breaks the news to her family and invites them all to Atlanta to take part in a special family performance with her. Will the Barrino family survive with Fantasia in Los Angeles?

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