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Ewe language

NativenameÈʋe / Èʋegbe
StatesGhana, Togo
RegionSouthern Ghana east of the Volta River, southern Togo
Speakers3½ million (2003)
EthnicityEwe people
Fam2Atlantic Congo
Fam3Volta Niger
ScriptLatin alphabet

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Ewe (Èʋe or Èʋegbe -eeèβeɡ͡be) is a Niger Congo language spoken in Ghana, Togo and Benin by approximately six million people. Ewe is part of a cluster of related languages commonly called Gbe, spoken in southeastern Ghana, Togo, and parts of Benin. Other Gbe languages include Fon, Gen, Phla Phera, and Aja. Like other Gbe languages, Ewe is a tonal language which means that the tones of certain words can greatly alter the meaning of those words, even if their pronunciations stay the same.

The German Africanist Diedrich Hermann Westermann published many dictionaries and grammars of Ewe and several other Gbe languages. Other linguists who have worked on Ewe and closely related languages include Gilbert Ansre (tone, syntax), Herbert Stahlke (morphology, tone), Nick Clements (tone, syntax), Roberto Pazzi (anthropology, lexicography), Felix K. Ameka (semantics, cognitive linguistics), Alan Stewart Duthie (semantics, phonetics), Hounkpati B. Capo (phonology, phonetics), Enoch Aboh (syntax), and Chris Collins (syntax).

Ewe language Video

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Modern Ghana--Professor Kofi Awonnor hasty utterances that the 8% -Ewe- population possesses the power of the economy of Ghana is just a myth, and will never survive the ... - Date : Wed, 03 Nov 2010 01:16:59 GMT+00:00
Jehovah's Witnesses to hold conventions - GhanaWeb Tweet this news
GhanaWeb---...- would be held in English, Dangme, -Ewe-, Frafra, Ga, Nzema and Twi. At certain locations, including Accra, the American Sign -Language- will also be used. ... - Date : Mon, 01 Nov 2010 20:59:06 GMT+00:00
The Chiel - Some light pun-ishment - Daily Dispatch Online Tweet this news
Daily Dispatch Online--“I only made a -ewe- turn,” he said sheepishly. That's all I can fit in today. Don't search for the book - it's long out of print. And I must admit, ... - Date : Tue, 10 Aug 2010 05:08:34 GMT+00:00
Man admits to vomit assault at Phillies game - Tweet this news wonder. ha ha,wow cool dude,-ewe- did you see that? Definitely nothing to brag about. He should be required to wear a bright red sequined dress and ... - Date : Tue, 25 May 2010 16:25:21 GMT+00:00
African Teachers Help Revive Cajun Culture - Wall Street Journal Tweet this news
Wall Street Journal--"My tribe, the -Ewe-, came to Louisiana. I can see it in the people here," says Fafadji Acouetey, who teaches kindergarten in New Iberia. ... - Date : Mon, 24 May 2010 02:39:16 GMT+00:00
Asantehene Inculcates Civilized Akan Norms Into Rawlings - Ghana News Tweet this news
Ghana News---...- rightfully be perceived as ENVY, if Akan women are superior enough to -Ewe- women to warrant this bastard forsaking his -ewe- women to marry an Akan woman. ... - Date : Mon, 10 May 2010 04:31:34 GMT+00:00
Are The Police Out To Underdevelop The Volta Region?? - Peace fm Online Tweet this news
Peace fm Online--The unfortunate thing is that about 80% of the police one meets at these “check points” do not speak the -EWE language-. Corruption generally has got economic ... - Date : Wed, 21 Apr 2010 08:02:40 GMT+00:00
GH Rap Vrs. Hiplife - Modern Ghana Tweet this news
Modern Ghana--Recorded in Ghanaian languages Twi, -Ewe-, Ga, etc..., hiplife is also done in English and pidgin. Talking Drums, consisting of Kwaku-T and Bayku, ... - Date : Thu, 22 Apr 2010 14:04:36 GMT+00:00

Consonants :
Bilabial Labiodental Alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Labial-velar Glottal
Stop voiceless p t k k͡p
voiced m ~ b d n ~ ɖ ɲ ~ j ŋ ~ ɡ ɡ͡b
Affricate voiceless t͡s
voiced d͡z
Fricative voiceless ɸ s x
voiced β z ɣ ~ w ʁ/ɦ
Approximant l ~ l̃

Vowels :
Close-mid e, ẽ o, õ
Open-mid ɛ, ɛ̃ ɔ, ɔ̃
Open a, ã

Pragmatics :
A a B b D d   Dz dz E e   F f   G g Gb gb  
/a/ /b/ /d/ /ɖ/ /d͡z/ /e/, /ə/ /ɛ/ /f/ /ɸ/ /ɡ/ /ɡ͡b/ /ɣ/
H h I i K k Kp kp L l M m N n Ny ny Ŋ ŋ O o   P p
/h/ /i/ /k/ /k͡p/ /l/ /m/ /n/ /ɲ/ /ŋ/ /o/ /ɔ/ /p/
R r S s T t Ts ts U u V v   W w X x Y y Z z
/l/ /s/ /t/ /t͡s/ /u/ /v/ /β/ /w/ /x/ /j/ /z/

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