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Music genre
Stylistic origins1970s-1990s:
New Wave
2000s-present adds:
Electro house
Hip house
Contemporary R&B
Dream pop
Cultural originsLate 1970s, primarily Germany, United Kingdom and United States
Typical instrumentsSynthesizer - Vocals - Drum machine - Tape loops - Drums - Guitar - Sequencer - Keyboard - Sampler - Vocoder
Mainstream popularityHigh, late-1970s/early-1980s, High since the late 2000s.
Derivative formsPost-disco
Fusion genreselectro 

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Electropop (also called technopop) is a form of electronic music that is made with synthesizers, and which first flourished from 1978 to 1983. The genre has seen a revival of popularity and influence since the late 2000s. "Electropop" is the short form of "electronic pop".

The term was used primarily during the 1980s to describe a form of synthpop characterized by an emphasized electronic sound — often described as cold and robotic — and by minimal arrangements. This was mainly due to the limitations of the analog synthesizers and recording techniques used at the time, but has since become a stylistic choice. Electropop laid the groundwork for a mass market in chart-oriented synthpop.

Electropop songs are pop songs at heart, often with simple, catchy hooks and dance beats, but differing from those of electronic dance music genres which electropop helped to inspire - techno, house, electroclash, etc. - in that songwriting is emphasized over simple danceability.

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Berlin Brides interview - listen to a chat with the Greco-Deutsch electropop ... - Music Vice Tweet this news
Music Vice--Athens' -electropop- duo Berlin Brides have been one of the best bands at Indie Week 2010 in Toronto. My first experience of hearing their ... - Date : Sat, 16 Oct 2010 20:53:06 GMT+00:00
7 NIGHTS ; Why stay in? Here's our tips for the week - California Chronicle Tweet this news
California Chronicle--She's quite the -electro-pop- minx with a great voice so this Tut's show is a good one for sure - she is going to be very huge, verysoon. Over-14s show. ... - Date : Sun, 17 Oct 2010 08:06:43 GMT+00:00
Impulse behind hip-hop's 3OH!3 is crazy fun - Providence Journal Tweet this news
Providence Journal--But as the star of 3OH!3, the -electro-pop-/hip-hop duo that constitutes him and Sean Foreman, continues to rise, the process has gotten more complicated. ... - Date : Fri, 15 Oct 2010 22:05:03 GMT+00:00

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