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Bubblegum pop

Music genre
NameBubblegum pop
Stylistic originsPop music
Pop rock
Novelty songs
Nursery rhymes
Children's music
Cultural originsLate 1960s, United States
Typical instrumentsSynthesizer - Bass - Drum machine Drums - Vocals Sampler - Keyboards
Mainstream popularityWorldwide, peaking from 1967 to 1972, and 1997 to 2002.
Derivative formsBoy bands - Pop punk - Europop - Dance-pop - Teen pop - Glam rock
Local scenesEurovision Song Contest, Camp (style), Pop Idol, Teenybopper

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Bubblegum pop (also known as bubblegum rock, bubblegum music, or simply bubblegum) is a genre of pop music with an upbeat sound contrived and marketed to appeal to pre-teens and teenagers, produced in an assembly-line process, driven by producers, often using unknown singers.

Bubblegum's classic period ran from 1967 to 1972. The second wave of bubblegum started two years later and ran until 1977 when disco took over and punk rock emerged (some critics have claimed bubblegum influenced punk).

The genre was predominantly a singles phenomenon rather than an album-oriented one, the presumption being that teenagers and pre-teens had less money to spend on records and were thus more likely to buy singles than albums. Also, because many acts were manufactured in the studio using session musicians, a large number of bubblegum songs were by one-hit wonders. Among the best-known acts of bubblegum's golden era are 1910 Fruitgum Company, The Ohio Express and The Archies, an animated group which had the most successful bubblegum song with Sugar, Sugar, Billboard Magazines #1 single for 1969. Singer Tommy Roe, arguably, had the most bubblegum hits of any artist during this period.

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