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Army of the Republic of Macedonia

Army of the Republic of Macedonia
Emblem of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia
CountryRepublic of Macedonia
NameArmy of the Republic of Macedonia
Native NameАрмија на Република Македонија
CaptionEmblem of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia
Current Form1992
Commander-in-chiefPresident Gjorgje Ivanov
MinisterFatmir Besimi
Minister TitleMinister of Defense
CommanderBG Gorančo Koteski
Manpower Age16-49
Available F513,684
Fit F427,556
Reaching F13,881
Amount$200,000,000 USD (2003 est.)
Percent GDP6% (2005 est.)
Foreign SuppliersUkraine Ukraine
Serbia Serbia
Bulgaria Bulgaria
United States
HistoryMilitary history of Macedonia
RanksMilitary ranks of Macedonia

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The Army of the Republic of Macedonia ( ) is the name of the unified armed forces of the Republic of Macedonia. The Macedonian military is a defence force consisting of an army (Армија, Armija); an air force (Воено Воздухопловство, Voeno vozduhoplovstvo); and a professional military unit, the Macedonian Special Forces (Волци, Volci).

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Vehicles : Army Air Wing
Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Logistics and Utility Vehicles
HMMWV Light Utility Vehicle 80 United States HMMWVs sold by the USA as a 2010 Foreign Military Sales package.
TAM-110 Light utility truck 75   /Slovenia
TAM-150 Medium utility truck 80   /Slovenia
Iveco 90-17 WM Medium utility truck 44 Italy
M35/44 truck Medium utility truck 150  United States
Armoured Fighting Vehicles
BRDM-2 Armoured amphibious scout car 10  
BTR-70 Armoured personnel carrier 58  
BTR-80 Armoured personnel carrier 12  
M113A1 Armoured personnel carrier 28 United States
TM-170 Armoured personnel carrier 114 Germany
Leonidas 1 Armoured personnel carrier 11 Greece Copy of the Steyr 4K 7FA produced by ELBO in Greece
MT-LB Armoured personnel carrier 10  
BMP-2 Infantry fighting vehicle 11  
T-72A Main battle tank 31  
Botica class (Type 16) Patrol boat 2(5)   5 Ex-Yugoslavian patrol boats, 2 reported operational.

Artillery :
Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
M-74  Mortar 78   120 mm
M101 Howitzer 36 United States 105 mm
M-30 Howitzer 108   122 mm
M-63 "Plamen" Multiple rocket launcher 6   128 mm rocket
BM-21 Grad Multiple rocket launcher 6   122mm

Air defense :
Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
SA-7 Grail MANPADS 200  
SA-18 Grouse MANPADS 10  
SA-13 Gopher SAM 21  

Small arms :
Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Makarov pistol Pistol  
Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine gun 5,000 Germany
M4 Assault rifle United States M4s sold by the USA as a 2008 Foreign Military Sales package.
Zastava M21 Assault rifle 1,000 Serbia
M60 Assault rifle   Yugoslavian made AK-47 clone
Zastava M70 Assault rifle  
Zastava M93 Sniper rifle 5,000 Serbia
Zastava M84 General purpose machine gun 10,000  
NSV Heavy machine gun  
M80 Zolja Shoulder-launched missile weapon 400+  /Republic of Macedonia
M79 Osa Shoulder-launched missile weapon 300+  /Serbia
M90 Stršljen Shoulder-launched missile weapon 600+ Serbia / Republic of Macedonia
M57 Shoulder-launched missile weapon 1,850+   In reserve

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HistoryAncient History * Medieval Period * Kingdom of Prilep * Ottoman Macedonia * Macedonian awakening * Ilinden Uprising * National Liberation War * ASNOM * National Liberation Front * Exodus from Greece * Socialist Republic * 1963 Skopje earthquake * 2001 Macedonia conflict
GeographyBalkan Peninsula * Lake Ohrid * Lake Prespa * Dojran Lake * Mount Korab * Šar Mountains * Ljuboten * Titov Vrv * Baba Mountain * Belasica * Mount Bistra * Galičica * Osogovo * Vodno * Jakupica * Cities * Rivers
President * Prime Minister * Assembly * Political parties * Elections * Foreign relations * Accession to the European Union * Accession to NATO * LGBT rights
EconomyMacedonian denar * Tourism * Communications * Transport * Banks * Macedonian Railways
DemographicsMacedonians (list) * Macedonian language * Slavic languages * Macedonian Orthodox Church Ohrid Archbishopric * Religion * Human rights
CultureArchitecture * Cinema * Cuisine * Education * Languages * Literature * Music * Radio * Television * Public holidays
SymbolsFlag * Coat of arms * Anthem * Vergina Flag (1992-1995) * Golden Lion
ReligionOrthodoxy * Islam * Protestantism * Catholicism * Judaism
Other topicsMilitary |

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