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Alsatian language

NativenameElsässerdeutsch, Alsacien
Speakersmore than 700,000
Fam3West Germanic
Fam4High German
Fam5Upper German
Fam6Alemannic German

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Alsatian (Alsatian and (literally Alsatian-German); ; or Elsässerdeutsch) is a Low Alemannic German dialect spoken in most of Alsace, a region in eastern France which has passed between French and German control many times.

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It's a fetching story. So sit, stay. - Washington Post Tweet this news
Washington Post--And Tulip herself (called an -Alsatian- in the film, but more commonly known stateside as a German shepherd) is drawn with delightful attention to the details ... - Date : Fri, 05 Nov 2010 04:17:31 GMT+00:00
Peter Brooks on the Dreyfus Affair - Truthdig Tweet this news
Truthdig--She provides nuanced chapters on the French Jewish community that would be so important, and so severely tried, in the Affair and on the “-Alsatian- ... - Date : Fri, 09 Jul 2010 05:53:55 GMT+00:00
François Haeringer, Famed Washington, DC Restaurateur, Dies at 91 - PR Web (press release) Tweet this news
PR Web (press release)--Instead of retiring at age 57, Haeringer decided to fulfill his dream of opening an “auberge” - a family inn prevalent in his native -Alsatian- countryside. ... - Date : Sun, 06 Jun 2010 04:10:53 GMT+00:00

Consonants :
Labial Alveolar Postalveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal m n ŋ
Stop ɡ̊, kʰ
Affricate pf ts
Fricative f s ʃ ç x
Sonorant ʋ l, ɾ

Diphthongs :
English Alsatian High Alemannic Standard German Swabian German dialect Standard French
house Hüüs [hyˑs] Huus Haus Hous maison
loud lüüt [lyˑd̥] luut laut lout bruyant
people Lit [lɪd̥] Lüt Leute Leid gens/peuple
today hit [hɪd̥] Hüt heute heid aujourd'hui
beautiful schen [ʃeːn] schö schön sche beau
Earth Ard [aˑɾd̥] Ärd Erde Erd terre
Fog Nabel [naːb̥l̩] Näbel Nebel Nebl brouillard
water Wàsser [ʋɑsəɾ] Wasser Wasser Wasser eau
man Mànn [mɑˑn] Maa Mann homme
eat assa [asə] ässe essen essa manger
to drink trenka [d̥ɾənɡ̊ə] trinkche trinken trenka boire
little klai [ɡ̊laɪ̯] chlei klein kloi petit, petite
child Kind [kɪnd̥] Chind Kind Kind enfant
day Däi Dag Tag Dàg jour
woman Frài Frou Frau Frau femme

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