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Company name3M Company
Company typePublic
FoundedTwo Harbors, Minnesota, U.S. (1902)
Founder(s)Henry S. Bryan
Hermon W. Cable
John Dwan
William A. McGonagle
Dr. J. Danley Budd|location_city=Maplewood, Minnesota
HeadquartersMaplewood, Minnesota
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleGeorge W. Buckley
(Chairman, President and CEO)
David W. Meline
(Chief Financial Officer, and Senior Vice President)
Eric Hammes
(Financial Planning & Analysis)
List of products
Revenue(+) US$ 26.662 billion (2010) 
Operating income(+) US$ 5.918 billion (2010)
Net income(+) US$ 4.085 billion (2010)
Total assets(+) US$ 30.156 billion (2010)
Total equity(+) US$ 16.017 billion (2010)

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3M Company (Nyse - MMM), formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is a multinational conglomerate corporation of the United States of America based in Maplewood, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul.

With over 80,000 employees, they produce more than 55,000 products, including: adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, dental products, electronic materials, medical products, car care products (such as sun films, polish, wax, car shampoo, treatment for the exterior, interior and the under chassis rust protection), electronic circuits and optical films. 3M has operations in more than 60 countries � 29 international companies with manufacturing operations, and 35 with laboratories. 3M products are available for purchase through distributors and retailers in more than 200 countries, and many 3M products are available online directly from the company.

3M Company Video

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Plastic lenses can yellow with age, reducing headlight brightness, and new lenses can be expensive. The 3M⢠Headlight Lens Restoration System lets you shine and restore plastic lenses, including headlights, taillights, fog and directional lights. Now you can produce professional results with the 3M⢠Headlight Lens Restoration System and a household drill (1200-1600 rpm). Buy Direct from 3M at: Or also available at your local Autozone retail location.
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Bree Cole (me) on the left and Sharleen Stratton on the right from Australia, our 5 dives off the 3m springboard at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006. We were gold medallists in this event.
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Fu Mingxia's five dives at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Game, Women's 3m springboard competition. It is her fourth olympic gold metal. She is the greatest diver ever. I did not cut out dives of the Russian diver, because in the replay you can see Fu waiting. Yes I'm a hard core fan of Fu mingxia. You can see some replay for the other Chinese diver Guo Jingjing, too. Just to let you see that they are not even comparable in terms of diving and Fu is the queen of diving without question. Commentary is in Chinese, but you can (better) do without it.
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Order 3M carbon fiber DI-NOC from This is a demonstration showing how you can wrinkle the DI-NOC material and simply take some heat to it, remove the wrinkles, and then literally install it right away. AMAZING!
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The Raduga 3M-80, 3M-82 and Kh-41 Moskit (SS-N-22 Sunburn) are all variants of the same 4.5 tonne supersonic rocket-ramjet missile. This weapon is the primary armament of the PLA-N's new 956E Sovremennyy class destroyers and is credited with a range between 50 and 120 nautical miles. An air launch centreline tunnel adaptor enables Su-27/30 family strike fighters to carry a single round and this configuration has been displayed on the navalised Su-33. A coastal defence variant labelled the Moskit E is in development, with a two round TEL based on the MZKT-7930 chassis. Inertial midcourse guidance is supplemented with an Altair active radar seeker - there are no reports to date of land attack derivatives. Unlike subsonic Western anti-ship missiles such as the Harpoon and Exocet, the Moskit is a supersonic sea-skimmer. It can be programmed to fly a high altitude trajectory at Mach 3, or a sea-skimming trajectory at Mach 2.2. If the sea skimming mode is chosen, the missile will be first detected by a warship under attack when it emerges over the horizon at a distance of about 15 to 25 nautical miles. This provides the defences on the ship with about 25-60 seconds of warning time before impact. The raw speed of the Moskit makes it a challenging target for most shipboard defences. Look at the table "Equivalence Table" :) In the column "Western Weapon" you will find a lot of "None". Why? Because the military power of Russia was not invented, it is an <b>...</b>
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Wall Street Journal--CHICAGO (Dow Jones)---3M Co-. (MMM) wants to increase sales of its consumer and office products by more than 40% as it ... - Date : Tue, 29 Jun 2010 17:09:01 GMT+00:00
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Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: 3M, Forest Laboratories, Pfizer, Rambus and ... - Tweet this news Co-. (MMM - Analyst Report) announced its second quarter 2010 sales guidance of $6.6 billion to $6.75 billion, reflecting organic growth of 16% to 18% ... - Date : Thu, 01 Jul 2010 13:40:13 GMT+00:00

Presidents :
1905 - 1906 Edgar B. Ober
1906 - 1909 Lucius P. Ordway
1909 - 1929 Edgar B. Ober
1929 - 1949 William L. McKnight
1949 - 1953 Richard P. Carlton
1953 - 1963 Herbert P. Buetow
1963 - 1966 Bert S. Cross
2005 - present George W. Buckley

Chief executive officers :
1970 - 1974 Harry Heltzer
1974 - 1979 Raymond H. Herzog
1979 - 1986 Lewis W. Lehr
1986 - 1991 Allen F. Jacobson
1991 - 2001 L.D. DeSimone
2001 - 2005 W. James McNerney, Jr.
2005 Robert S. Morrison (interim)
2005 - present George W. Buckley

Chairmen of the board :
1966 - 1970 Bert S. Cross
1970 - 1975 Harry Heltzer
1975 - 1980 Raymond H. Herzog
1980 - 1986 Lewis W. Lehr
1986 - 1991 Allen F. Jacobson
1991 - 2001 L.D. DeSimone
2001 - 2005 W. James McNerney, Jr.
2005 - present George W. Buckley

3M Company

Corporate directorsLinda G. Alvarado * Edward A. Brennan * George W. Buckley (chairman) * Vance D. Coffman * Michael L. Eskew * Edward M. Liddy * Robert S. Morrison * Aulana L. Peters * Rozanne L. Ridgway * Kevin W. Sharer * Louis W. Sullivan

Dow Jones Industrial Average components

Current3M * Alcoa * American Express * AT&T * Bank of America * Boeing * Caterpillar * Chevron * Cisco Systems * The Coca-Cola Company * DuPont * ExxonMobil * General Electric * Hewlett-Packard * The Home Depot * Intel * IBM * Johnson & Johnson * JPMorgan Chase * Kraft Foods * McDonald's * Merck & Co. * Microsoft * Pfizer * Procter & Gamble * The Travelers Companies * United Technologies Corporation * Verizon Communications * Wal-Mart * The Walt Disney Company
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